Inspired by art, nature and everyday life, I fuse creative, sensual and modern aspects in my work.

I always keep the balance between creative accents and individual pure beauty.

make-up is not a mask.
make-up is art.
makeup is passion.
makeup is expression.



"When I work with Chiho, I can be sure that her hair and makeup are excellent.
She supports my projects with her incredibly personable and creative style, which is second to none.
Chiho is remarkably focused on our productions, yet always easy-going, full of humour and positive for the whole team.
I'm always happy to have her around."

And that's not an exaggeration! 😘

Martin Bauendahl

"Working with Chiho is a great pleasure every time. She enriches every production with her cheerful energy. Chiho is warm, attentive, creative, committed, mindful, focused, helpful and absolutely professional. She thinks in a modern and flexible way and you can see all the spontaneous ideas shining in her eyes. Her love and passion for what she does is palpable to all." 😊

Nina Grützmacher

Chiho is a valuable and important team member.
Thank you for your ideas,
your creativity, your commitment and the great teamwork!

Stefan Grossjohann